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Thursday, 14 March 2019 00:00
Note Number SLRI-TN-2016-04
Title Online Optimisation
Author(s) Thapakron Pulampong, Sukho Kongtawong
Date June 2016
Introduction Nowadays, synchrotron facilities need better and better beam quality to provide the best synchrotron light to their users. Synchrotron machine operation also need to response to the following requirements: longer beam service time, better beam quality, etc. It is unavoidable that synchrotron machines have to be maintained and optimised to a better condition. However, insucient diagnostic systems and discrepancies between the ideal model and the real machine may introduce diculties to the machine optimisation. Especially in beam transport line, for SLRI, there is no Beam Position Monitor (BPM) to track the beam during beam injection. To optimised injection eciency is not an easy task. Normally, operators have to manually adjust some magnet parameters and observe the beam injection rate to improve the beam injection. Sometimes we need to use a method constructed based on model and the measured noisy data points which is unable to obtain the expected result for example coupling correction with existing of Insertion Devices (IDs).
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