SLRI-TN-2016-01 A New Tune Measurement System for the SPS Booster PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 May 2016 00:00
Note Number SLRI-TN-2016-01
Title A New Tune Measurement System for the SPS Booster
Author(s) S.Kongtawong, S.Krainara, T. Pulampong, P.Sudmaung
Date May 2016

A new tune measurement system for the SPS booster was recently developed and implemented at
Siam Photon Source (SPS). There are two subsystems: the excitation system and the signal detection
system, which work together synchronously.

The tune excitation system consists of a new function generator (Keysight 33500B) which has
two channels. CH1 generates broadband white noise to excite the beam. CH2 generate ramping pattern
corresponds to the energy of the beam. The excitation signal is generated from AM modulation of CH1
and CH2. The signal was then amplified with a 300W RF power amplifier (ENI A300) before being sent
to a stripline. It can switch the direction of the excitation signal, horizontal or vertical direction, by using
a control system in a Control Room 2.

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