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Date Topics Speakers Files
04 March 2014 3rd and 4th Generation Light Sources Dr. Prapong Klysubun ATD_SLRI_140304_01.pdf
04 March 2014 A brief history of Particle Accelerators and Futures Dr. Nawin Juntong ATD_SLRI_140304_02.pdf
09 July 2014 Superconducting magnet Dr. Prapaiwan Sunwong ATD_SLRI_140709.pdf
30 July 2014 A Brief Introduction of Radio Frequency Cavity in Particle Accelerator Dr. Nawin Juntong ATD_SLRI_140730.pdf
26 August 2014 Investigation of ion capture in an Electron Beam Ion Trap charge-breeder for rare isotopes Dr. Kritsada Kittimanapun ATD_SLRI_140826.pdf
24 September 2014 RF power source for RF cavity Dr. Sampart Cheedket ATD_SLRI_140924.pdf
25 September 2014 Special topic: Introduction to MCNP and applications Dr. Siriyaporn Sangaroon
Mahasarakham University
29 October 2014 Coaxial Cables: Reflections and Terminations Mr. Goerge Garnet Hoyes ATD_SLRI_141029.pdf
16 January 2015 LSNA and its Applications Dr. Nilaped Russamee ATD_SLRI_150116.pdf
27 May 2015 Logic Signal Standards Used to Interconnect Instruments in SLRI Mr. Goerge Garnet Hoyes ATD_SLRI_150527.pdf
21 August 2015
Wall current and DCCT monitor
Mr. Goerge Garnet Hoyes
4 September 2015 Cryogenic system at Siam Photon Source Mr. Visitchai Suksrimuang ATD_SLRI_150904.pdf
15 October 2015
Vacuum pump
Mr. Supan Boonsuya
15 October 2015 Electron beam irradiation and its applications
Miss. Siriwan Krainara
25 November 2015
Injection system at Siam Photon Source
Mr. Sukho Kongtawong
Dr. Thapakron Pulampong
21 January 2016
Accelerator Knowledge based Management
Mr. Chaiyut Preecha
18 February 2016
Ultra-low Emittance Lattice Design for Advanced Synchrotron Light Sources
Dr. Thapakron Pulampong

2 March 2016         2.00 pm - 3.30 pm

Development of Accelerator Based Radiation Sources and Applications in Kyoto University
Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki
Kyoto University, Japan
15 August 2016 MAX IV; 3 GeV ring commissioning & RF system
Prof. Åke Andersson
MAX IV, Sweden